Zoom Meeting summary for Free AI Workshop (11/22/2023)
(AI Generated via Zoom)


AI Tools for Content Creation and Efficiency Improvement
Chris and Bob had a conversation about the use of AI tools like Mid Journey and Gpt to create content. They shared their experiences and insights about the effectiveness of these tools, with Chris noting that the process is about idea creation rather than planning. They also discussed the potential of these tools in improving efficiency, with Bob suggesting that they could be used to fulfill

AI-Generated Bios and Headshots Workshop
Chris and Bob conducted a workshop on the use of AI for tasks such as generating bios and headshots. He highlighted the creation of a social network called the tribe that is beta-testing the AI-generated bio and headshot feature. Bob further underscored the importance of this discussion, emphasizing the need for a shift in thinking during a transitional phase in their industry. He highlighted the significance of having a professional picture and bio for networking and online communities, suggesting the use of AI tools for those who prefer not to use their actual photos. Bob also pointed out the convenience and time efficiency of using AI tools. Towards the end, Chris was asked to provide context about the source of their data.

AI-Generated Content and Its Potential in Content Creation
Chris discussed his use of AI tools to generate content, specifically his blog and film website, and encouraged others to bring their own bullet-pointed lists of accomplishments for potential AI reworking. Bob demonstrated the use of ChatGPT to create a bio for Chris, which was considered accurate and concise by Chris. The team also discussed the possibility of using this technology to generate LinkedIn profiles and other professional content. The conversation concluded with Bob emphasizing the importance of a final human rewrite of the AI-generated content to ensure accuracy.

Professional Description and Author’s Bio Refinement
Chris and Bob focused on refining Chris’s professional description, utilizing a tool called Chat Gtp. They settled on highlighting Chris’s work as a filmmaker, screenwriter, Firewall instructor, and founder of the London Screenwriters Festival. They also discussed the importance of emphasizing personal development skills for Chris’s workshops and mentorship sessions. In addition, they worked on creating an author’s bio for a horror anthology, “Twisted 50”, with Bob agreeing to edit the bio to emphasize the horror genre. They also explored the idea of a humorous story about a zombie outbreak during a televised dance competition.

Film-Making, AI, and Social Media Updates
Chris and Bob discussed updating their bullet point list, which now includes elements of film-making, storytelling, and AI. They agreed on a concise one-liner highlighting their exploration of AI in film-making and screenwriting. Chris was assigned to incorporate this into their shared document, while Bob was to review other bullet points posted in the chat. Chris also shared an update about a social media platform’s new feature, the headline, and demonstrated how to edit a profile. He emphasized the importance of unique and informative content. Lastly, Chris shared his strategy of reaching out to tribe members to complete their bios and headshots, noting that some, including Judith, had not yet uploaded their photos and bios.

Introducing Mid Journey: AI Image Generator
Chris introduced Mid Journey, an AI image generator that can create four images in seconds, highlighting its efficiency and uniqueness. He demonstrated the tool’s use, transforming himself into various characters and explaining the process of upscaling and importing images. Chris also discussed using original photos with AI styles for fun and youthful results. Bob requested participants to provide a short bio for an image generation exercise, with Chris agreeing to do the same if someone sent him a photo online. The objective was to familiarize participants with the process of creating new headshots for various opportunities. Chris also mentioned the availability of other AI tools for image generation and emphasized the importance of appearing relevant, prolific, creative, and fun.

Screenplay Pitch Character Bio Creation
Bob and Chris discussed generating an image and a bio for a character in a screenplay pitch. Bob was tasked with creating a bio for a character named Luna for a potential submission to Women in Film and Television or a similar competition. Luna suggested it could be for Channel 4 in the UK. Bob used AI to generate a bio for Luna, which was approximately 200 words and focused on her achievements. The team agreed that the bio could be used for different platforms like LinkedIn by simply reformatting it.

AI Tools for Unique Content and Pitching Strategies
The team discussed the importance of standing out and devoting significant time to crafting unique content. Chris shared his experiences with an AI tool that can generate character bios and images, leading to a discussion about using such tools to enhance storytelling and visual presentation. Luna shared her positive experience with an AI tool, noting its efficiency and affordability, and Bob congratulated her on her successful pitches. Bob also emphasized the importance of understanding customer needs when pitching and selling projects, and mentioned his strategy of first creating projects that potential investors like. He encouraged the team to leverage these tools to make their ideas more accessible and engaging.

AI Pitch Deck, Upcoming Course, and Future Collaboration
Bob and Chris concluded their meeting by discussing a pitch deck created using AI tools, with Chris highlighting the use of Mid Journey and Chat Gtp for the text and images respectively. They also mentioned a course they’ll be running on December 2nd and 3rd, which attendees could participate in either in person or online. Upon the meeting’s end, Husainy, a communicative producer from BBC media action based in Afghanistan, expressed interest in future sessions and requested to be added to their list. Bob assured him that he would be included in the follow-up email that includes links to a Whatsapp group and communities for further discussions.