Using AI to develop a pitch to a Producer by Linda J Walton

I signed up to Bob’s class with a mix of nerves and zero knowledge about AI. But that was the whole point surely? To learn about this AI thing that’s meant to be an existential threat to us writers. Bob and his wingman Chris did their best to break it all down, and I tried to keep up.

Things went from 0 to 100 pretty quick and I was drowning. And to top it off, I was sat next to Alex, an AI whizz breezing through it all. By the end of day 1, quite honestly, I was pleased to go home. My husband was poorly overnight, so Day 2 happened online by the end of which I was totally bamboozled and felt quite disheartened.

However, I refused to let it beat me.

Fortunately, the next 2 days were light on appointments, so I revisited the whole workshop following the handy links Bob had sent out. I got confident.

Then I put together 2 pitches for a film and TV project using the very same tools. They weren’t perfect but I was happy.

I pitched them at an industry event 2 weeks later and – guess what – I had 4 requests for scripts out of 6 pitches. So if, like I was, you are freaking out about AI or just feel you need to know a little more, I encourage you to sign up.

In our world, we can’t afford to be ignorant of this trend so grasp the mettle now and gain a head start!!

Linda J Walton
27 November 2023

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