Prompting Now: Join us as we build an 1970’s horror Antholgy using AI as a Muse and Accelerant

Today we begin development of a new project.

Working title: Anthology.
Tag line: Prompting now.

All human ideated.

Artwork above, literally the first prompt from Midjourney: /imagine 1970s horror movie anthology poster –ar 16:9
(I added the text in Photoshop in 3o seconds)

As a kid I fell in love with horror movies, BBC2 Saturday night double bills, ‘Hammer House of Horror’ on ITV, even ‘Salem’s Lot’ on BBC1. I had a passion for the black and whites too, ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘The Outer Limits’. Tall tales with big ideas, and usually a twist or a moral outcome that satisfied my young and curious mind, fascinated with the unknown, mysterious, paranormal and creepy.

What I loved the most were anthology horror films, usually comprise of four or five shorts tied together with a group of people. ‘Dr Terror’s House of Horrors’ group for instance, were trapped on a train destined for Hell. During their unwitting journey, they all shared weird and crazy stories with each other until the horror of their destination finally set in.

Other favourites were ‘Asylum’, ‘Creepshow’, ‘Cats Eye’ (that inspired one of my first shorts that cleaned up with loads of awards), and of course the grandmother of them all, ‘Trilogy Of Terror’ with Karen Black and the Zuni fetish doll.

I am sure part of my early fascination was because these films offered a crossroads with my own filmmaking. I was producing short horror movies on Super8mm and I mused that is I could make a few, I could string them together as a feature film. Circling back to that concept now, Bob Schultz and myself are putting to our own AI ideas to test. Last week we delivered a training, ‘Using AI to rapidly develop and deploy a project and the pitch deck’. So now we are taking our own medicine and following our own methodology to develop and produce a passion project conceived thrirty years ago, one that has haunted me in the best of ways.

By the end of the week we SHOULD have something to share. And I am excited because this is all so very doable.

So the pitch is very broad at the moment.

It will be inspired by what I loved as a kid, these anthology movies and short form ‘twist in the tail’ TV shows, all slashed trough with a more Black Mirror tech of today theme and possibly commentary on the tech culture of today.

Join me on this journey as we explore how quickly we can fully realise the potential of this project.