The 2024 Augmented Creativity Conference:
Beyond The Event Horizon

When: 11 and 12 May, 2024
Ealing Studios
Limited to 80 places
£99 Early Bird (ends 7 April), £299 General Admission

'This course must be taken to move into where this business is going in the future.’
Mark Arnold, Actor, sometime writer

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  • Workshop Title: ......... The 2024 Augmented Creativity Conference: Beyond The Event Horizon
  • Availability: ......... Online and In person
  • Duration: ......... Weekend course
  • Access: ......... One Year Playback
  • Level: ......... Explorer

The 2024 Augmented Creativity Conference: Beyond The Event Horizon

A two-day conference around the convergence of technology and creative storytelling.

Who will be there? Ten of the brightest and most innovative minds in creativity, technology and AI, spanning the spectrum from ambitious to conservative.

Why come? Friend or foe, AI is here, it’s not going away, and what most of us think of as innovation that will arrive tomorrow is already last week’s news.

We cannot get left behind in 2024.



The event will also be recorded and streamed.


The World Is Pivoting.

The industry evolving. New opportunities are appearing. While other familiar sectors are shrinking.

We can all feel it. And this uncertainty breeds anxiety in us all.

So here’s something that we can all be CERTAIN of:

Change is here. It’s not off in the abstract future. And it’s accelerating.

The scale and speed of change that is disrupting culture, economies and business is unprecedented. Let’s be honest, it’s kinda scary.

So who do we need to be in order to compete in this future?

What must we master to secure success, continue to create, and ultimately thrive?

We adore the journey of creativity. We love to express our deepest self. We live to connect through our art.

But we also need to embrace new tools, ideas, philosophies, technologies. Laws are going to need to be updated. And updated again. Society at large is being dramatically disrupted. Some of our foundational beliefs as creatives were built on sand.

We must question everything we have taken for granted.

We also need to upgrade our own personal engagement and viewpoint with this evolving and accelerating technology.

Just remember:

Change is constant.

Progress is an active choice.

So how can we leverage the current technological evolution revolution to do just that?  To spend more time doing what we love? To find greater success with the things we create? To be recognised for what we contribute to culture?

The answer is to lean into the future.

Join us as we collectively go Beyond the Event Horizon, a two-day event where we can learn how to harness the future tech that is evolving around us, to spend more time doing what we love, and finding greater success in doing so.

Recent Feedback For Augmented Creativity Events

‘Practical and inspirational content that we can use.’
Richard Osborne Writer, actor, filmmaker

‘I have gone from somebody ready to kill AI with fire, axes, and bees to someone who might be actually ready for AI and whatever it throws at us.’
James Allen, screenwriter and director

‘Seeing in real time the sheer productivity potential of AI to brainstorm, generate outlines, etc. This was fantastic and a real lightbulb moment. AI is a creative partner with huge potential. Don’t ignore it and do this course.’
Hunter Gibson, writer

‘I know my optimism re productivity has been ignited. I have evolved in 48 hours. I am next generation Gisele. I have story ideas up the wazoo. Now I can get them down and out of me. Big :).’
Giselle Boucher, Writer

‘Great weekend. Feeling empowered.’
Patricia, Writer

‘It was a really good weekend of information that is helping me to turn the monster into an ally. And posed so many questions for me going forward as an educator of how to incorporate this because we cannot ignore it for our students.’
Cate Wood Hunter, Writer

‘You inherently get the concept of existential dread and how it’s an empowerment tool
Augusta, Writer/Producer

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