Augmented Creativity 4.0:
Details TBC

When: Sat 27th and Sun 28th of January 2024 (10am to 4pm both days)
Where: Ealing Studios and ONLINE (playback for one year)
How Much: Ealing Studios (limited to 28 spaces, and bring a laptop) for £147 or online for £144.

'This course must be taken to move into where this business is going in the future.’
Mark Arnold, Actor, sometime writer

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  • Workshop Title: ......... Augmented Creativity 4.0: TBC
  • Availability: ......... Online and In person
  • Duration: ......... Weekend course
  • Access: ......... One Year Playback
  • Level: ......... Explorer

Details to follow soon…


Recent Feedback For Augmented Creativity Workshops with Bob

‘Practical and inspirational content that we can use.’
Richard Osborne Writer, actor, filmmaker

‘I have gone from somebody ready to kill AI with fire, axes, and bees to someone who might be actually ready for AI and whatever it throws at us.’
James Allen, screenwriter and director

‘Seeing in real time the sheer productivity potential of AI to brainstorm, generate outlines, etc. This was fantastic and a real lightbulb moment. AI is a creative partner with huge potential. Don’t ignore it and do this course.’
Hunter Gibson, writer

‘I know my optimism re productivity has been ignited. I have evolved in 48 hours. I am next generation Gisele. I have story ideas up the wazoo. Now I can get them down and out of me. Big :).’
Giselle Boucher, Writer

‘Great weekend. Feeling empowered.’
Patricia, Writer

‘It was a really good weekend of information that is helping me to turn the monster into an ally. And posed so many questions for me going forward as an educator of how to incorporate this because we cannot ignore it for our students.’
Cate Wood Hunter, Writer

‘You inherently get the concept of existential dread and how it’s an empowerment tool
Augusta, Writer/Producer


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