Augmented Creativity 2.0:
Create, Develop and Deploy in a Day

Join us as we use AI to help us build a project IN REAL TIME, for a specific producer brief...
And you can follow along too with your project...

‘An an absolutely mind-bending weekend workshop on the power of AI in crafting film packages...'
Nigel Bristow // Writer


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  • Workshop Title: ......... Augmented Creativity 2.0: Create, Develop and Deploy in a Day
  • Availability: ......... Online
  • Duration: ......... Approx seven hours
  • Access: ......... One Year
  • Delegate Rating: ......... 4.7 out of 5
  • Level: ......... Explorer

Engage The Booster Engines!

Following last month’s foundational blockbuster workshop on creativity, AI, and the future of screenwriting and filmmaking, we are going NEXT LEVEL!

The last course was basically “How to do it.”

This one? We’re doing it.

We have a specific brief from a producer and we are going to develop the project LIVE AND FROM SCRATCH IN ONE WEEKEND, for delivery on Monday. This is the real deal. A producer you’ve heard of, a real chance to get something made – and we are going to develop it, break it down, develop a logo for the show, concept art, and a pitch deck… all over the weekend.

It goes into the producer’s awaiting Inbox on Monday.

And no-one needs reminding of how seismic this event would be IF that producer says yes and options it. We have precedent too, Bob just signed his option agreement for the feature film we explored during the last workshop. It’s real. It’s happening. And it will be shot next year.

At EVERY step during this workshop, you can develop a project too, using all the same tools, prompts and group energy. This is Augmented Creativity.

Breakdown of the two days…

Day One: From brief to completed pitch. Using AI as our creative muse, giving us that all important edge of Augmented Creativity, we will go from idea, through title, slugline, one pager (series), then three pager (all six episodes), finally expanding upon characters, theme and tone.

Day Two: The pitch! We will take the work we accomplished yesterday and create a slick, image-packed pitch deck for the producer, with logos and art created in real time using AI tools.

There will be unofficial networking at the end of day one.

Tangible and Immediate Outcomes

The real power here is that YOU can follow along too, using all the same techniques we use, so that by the end of the weekend you will have developed your own project. Even if it is about Space Cats! 

And more importantly, you can build that skillset too.

Expect interaction, sidebar workshops and a guest expert speaker too.

Bottom line?

This workshop will turbo charge your creative capabilities.

We MUST always remain ahead of the curve in order to master the game.

And that curve is called Augmented Creativity.

Get a muse. Get an expert assistant. Get someone to bounce ideas off. Get the freedom to do MORE writing, to do it faster, with a professional edge, and spend LESS time doing all the things we don’t enjoy like writing social media posts, bios, blurbs, treatments…

No prior technical knowledge is required for this course, just a readiness to get your story published or produced. The full weekend is available live and in person, livestreamed, or on video via catch up.

Join us at Ealing Studios (limited to 28 spaces, and bring a laptop) for £147 or online for £144 (early bird).


Recent Feedback From Past AI Workshops

‘This course must be taken to move into where this business is going in the future.’
Mark Arnold, Actor, sometime writer

‘I have gone from somebody ready to kill AI with fire, axes, and bees to someone who might be actually ready for AI and whatever it throws at us.’
James Allen, screenwriter and director

‘Seeing in real time the sheer productivity potential of AI to brainstorm, generate outlines, etc. This was fantastic and a real lightbulb moment. AI is a creative partner with huge potential. Don’t ignore it and do this course.’
Hunter Gibson, writer

‘I know my optimism re productivity has been ignited. I have evolved in 48 hours. I am next generation Gisele. I have story ideas up the wazoo. Now I can get them down and out of me. Big :).’
Giselle Boucher, Writer

‘Great weekend. Feeling empowered.’
Patricia, Writer

‘It was a really good weekend of information that is helping me to turn the monster into an ally. And posed so many questions for me going forward as an educator of how to incorporate this because we cannot ignore it for our students.’
Cate Wood Hunter, Writer


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