Using AI Tools In Your Creative Career

How to ethically leverage AI while remaining at the forefront at the revolution

‘I loved this workshop. I think you have saved me approximately a million years in adapting my novel.’
Alex English, author, screenwriter


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  • Workshop Title: ......... Augmented Creativity 1.0: The Foundational Workshop
  • Availability: ......... ONLINE
  • Duration: ......... 8 roughly 90 minute sessions
  • Access: ......... One Year
  • Delegate Rating: ......... 4.9 out of 5
  • Level: ......... Explorer

It’s not “happening soon.”

It’s happening now.

And it’s time for us all to catch up or get left behind.

Join us for a hands-on weekend course designed specifically for authors, playwrights, and screenwriters to use AI to ethically enhance their craft, brand, efficiency and professional output.

We all feel overwhelmed by the long list of things we need to do as a creative. And AI can help.

One Year Access // £75 // Online and on-demand

Get immediate help with…

(and by immediate we mean measured in seconds)

  • Bouncing ideas off your own personal muse.
  • Writing social media posts.
  • Evolving your great lightbulb moment ideas into sellable structured one-pagers
  • Refining your ideas into cracking one liners.
  • Writing the blurb we all need to do and all hate doing.
  • Building a full website in minutes.
  • Having concept art created that captures your imagination.
  • And so so much more…

Yes, we do need to become the master of AI. 

Simultaneously, we also need to leverage its speed and capabilities to give us a MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE edge.

None of us want to be replaced, but we MUST stay ahead of the curve in order to master the game.

Come as a novice to find out exactly how AI can be leveraged, or as an expert ready to deep dive into this new technological evolution revolution. Whichever you are, your capabilities will massively increase in one inspirational weekend.


One Year Access // £75 // Online and on-demand

Guest Speakers

Stephen Follows // Writer, AI Expert and Industry Analyst
Stephen Follows is a writer, teacher and industry-leading analyst with a passion for using AI to help screenwriters. He founded the story agency, Catsnake, which uses strategic storytelling to help non-profits open hearts, minds, and wallets. Stephen is a highly-regarded film industry analyst, screenwriter and expert in using AI to help screenwriters. He has a development deal (on WGA terms) with a working producer and is the co-host of the ‘Authored by AI’ podcast, where he discusses the future of AI in screenwriting and the film industry. He has taught at major film schools, normal business schools and minor primary schools, and has consulted for a wide variety of clients, including the Smithsonian in Washington. His scriptwriting has won Virgin Media Shorts, the Reed Film Competition and IVCA awards, while his work as an analyst has been featured in the New York Times, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Evening Standard, Newsweek, The New Statesman, AV Club and Indiewire.

Ben Mole // Writer and Director
Ben Mole has directed four feature films, and written three more other optioned feature screenplays. He has show-run a $20 million TV series, and has director credits on over thirty shows and feature-length productions across scripted drama, comedy, docudrama and documentary on the major UK, US and international television channels and streamers. He has also directed a 360-VR show, and several award-winning shorts, commercials and promos. He has been nominated for Grierson Awards and won Gold and Silver awards at the New York Film and TV festival. He has won dozens of Best Director and Best Production awards at festivals worldwide as well as winning the prestigious Promax Gold and D&AD awards for commercials directing. He won the Future Of Film Incubator 2022-23 with his sci-fi movie project Save Point, which used AI throughout the development.

Phill Turner
Phil is not just another Artificial Intelligence researcher. He started his tech journey by selling the first copies of Microsoft Windows in 1988 and has been at the forefront of innovation ever since. Though he never wanted to be in front of the camera, he’s made a significant impact online. Over a short span of 9 months, he’s reviewed more than 400 AI-related tools and earned over 3.5 million impressions on social media. His music channel alone has garnered 850k views. His first music video even proclaimed, ‘it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.’ Don’t miss his enlightening talk on the transformative power of AI in video and music. For more, visit

No prior technical knowledge is required for this course, just a readiness to get your story published or produced. The full weekend is available live and in person, livestreamed, or on video via catch up.


Recent Feedback For Leveraging AI Ethically

‘This course must be taken to move into where this business is going in the future.’
Mark Arnold, Actor, sometime writer

‘I have gone from somebody ready to kill AI with fire, axes, and bees to someone who might be actually ready for AI and whatever it throws at us.’
James Allen, screenwriter and director

‘Seeing in real time the sheer productivity potential of AI to brainstorm, generate outlines, etc. This was fantastic and a real lightbulb moment. AI is a creative partner with huge potential. Don’t ignore it and do this course.’
Hunter Gibson, writer

‘I know my optimism re productivity has been ignited. I have evolved in 48 hours. I am next generation Gisele. I have story ideas up the wazoo. Now I can get them down and out of me. Big :).’
Giselle Boucher, Writer

‘Great weekend. Feeling empowered.’
Patricia, Writer

‘It was a really good weekend of information that is helping me to turn the monster into an ally. And posed so many questions for me going forward as an educator of how to incorporate this because we cannot ignore it for our students.’
Cate Wood Hunter, Writer


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