We are experiencing the momentum and velocity now, of the digital revolution that began in the mid nineties.

As a filmmaker, the evolution of cheap DSLR cameras, desktop editing and hi res video online was the first massive breakthrough I saw, but that is close to two decades ago now.

Since then, the acceleration has become dizzying. Now we find ourselves in a Brexit style world in our creative communities, polarised between ‘AI is evil’, or ‘AI is amazing’. With a silent majority feeling somewhat non-plussed or bemused I suspect.

Irrespective of ideologies on either side, there is a new generation of filmmaker evolving who is telling stories entirely inside AI. They are just getting on with it. Here’s two examples I stumbled across, and would love to see more if you have any…

First up is Alice in Wonderland: The Simulation Paradox (trailer).

Posted by Justin Hackney (who did the visuals), it’s a retelling of Alice in Wonderland that uses AI to approximate Florence Pugh, written in part by ChatGTP4, imagery created with MidJourney, animated with Runway Gen2 with other aspects handled by Pikalabs and Elevenlabs. Read their notes on production on the Youtube page HERE)

Edited by humans and sound designed by humans with some absolutely human written music. So yeah, it’s human made using AI tools. Thoughts?

Second is a more surreal and disturbing vision…

Capitol of Conformity

Prompted, written and directed by Aze Avora with visuals assisted by Midjourney, Pika Labs and Gen 2.

So again, I can see a visionary filmmaker here with something to say. With outstanding execution too. Made by humans, using AI tools again. More on their YouTube page HERE.

Yes these both feel more akin to a mushroom trip than a Saturday night at the movies. They are rudimentary, but so were early films, and that only took around 100 years to reach a pinnacle. How fast will new tech take us this time for this revolution?

So what do you think about the future of film, stories, music and all creative endeavours now that new AI tools are flooding the internet?

Please do share YOUR thoughts.