In this workshop will explore how AI tools can assist you in crafting captivating log lines for your screenplays. The pace at which technology is advancing is astonishing, and it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques. Today, we will focus on creating log lines quickly and efficiently, with the help of a powerful AI tool called Logline Guru.

Introducing Logline Guru

Logline Guru is a chat GPT tool developed by Kevin Powis, a British technology enthusiast. This tool is designed to help writers create log lines in a matter of minutes. It’s free and easily accessible to all. However, we encourage you to support Kevin’s hard work by considering a small contribution through his “Buy me a coffee” link, which we will provide in the chat.

To get started, click on the link to Logline Guru and familiarize yourself with the interface. Take a moment to explore the features and options available.

Crafting Your Log Line

Creating a log line is a crucial step in the screenwriting process. A log line is a concise and captivating summary of your screenplay, designed to grab the attention of producers, agents, and potential audiences. With Logline Guru, you can streamline this process and generate log lines in a matter of minutes.

  1. Select “Upload your screenplay” option: If you have a completed screenplay, you can upload it to Logline Guru, and the tool will automatically generate a log line for you. However, keep in mind that it’s always beneficial to spend some time refining and personalizing the generated log line.
  2. Use the “Tell me about the inciting incident” option: If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can provide the inciting incident of your screenplay. Logline Guru will guide you through the process, helping you define the key elements of your story.

Creating a Powerful Log Line

To create a log line that captures the essence of your screenplay, consider the following elements:

  • Protagonist: Describe your main character using one or two adjectives. This will help create a vivid image of the protagonist in the log line.
  • Actions and Challenges: Outline the actions your protagonist takes to resolve the inciting incident. Highlight any specific challenges or key moments in their journey.
  • Antagonist: Identify the force opposing your protagonist. This could be a person, a situation, or an internal conflict.
  • Stakes: Clearly define what your protagonist risks losing if they fail. This could be related to their personal life, career, or even their soul.

Refining Your Log Line

Once you have generated a log line using Logline Guru, it’s essential to refine and personalize it. While the tool provides an excellent starting point, it’s important to add your own unique spin and voice to the log line. Spend some time crafting and polishing your log line to make it engaging and captivating.

Examples of Log Lines

Let’s take a look at an example log line created using Logline Guru:

“When a shy but determined football fan, desperate for his favorite team’s championship victory, makes a deal with the devil to become the world’s most talented player, he must navigate tryouts, reject offers from a rival team, and battle against the disdain of mainstream sports media. As he inches closer to winning the championship, he faces the ultimate choice, fulfilling his reckless vow and losing his soul or disappointing millions of fans for his own lifelong dream.”

Exploring Different Genres

One of the exciting features of Logline Guru is its ability to generate log lines in various genres. You can experiment with different genres and see how your log line transforms. For example:

  • Comedy: “A football fanatic strikes a devilish pact to bring laughter and chaos to the championship game, but soon realizes that winning may come at a hilarious cost.”
  • Western: “In the lawless frontier, a football-obsessed gunslinger teams up with unlikely allies to bring glory to his favorite team, facing off against ruthless outlaws and a corrupt referee.”
  • Romantic Comedy: “When a shy football fan falls for a rival team’s cheerleader, he must navigate the ups and downs of love while trying to secure the championship for his beloved team.”


Crafting a compelling log line is essential for capturing the attention of industry professionals and potential audiences. With the help of AI tools like Logline Guru, you can streamline this process and generate log lines quickly and efficiently. Remember to refine and personalize your log line to make it truly unique and engaging. Embrace the versatility of Logline Guru by exploring different genres and experimenting with various log line variations. Happy screenwriting!

Note: Logline Guru is a powerful tool, but it’s always recommended to spend time refining and personalizing your log line. Use it as a starting point and add your own unique voice and creativity to make it stand out.

Additional Information

  • Logline Guru is continually evolving and improving, so be sure to stay updated with the latest features and enhancements.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the box when creating your log lines. The more unique and captivating your log line, the better chance you have of grabbing attention.
  • Remember to protect your intellectual property by copyrighting your screenplays. While AI tools can assist in generating log lines, it’s important to maintain ownership and control over your original work.
  • Stay connected with fellow screenwriters and industry professionals to exchange ideas and stay informed about the latest trends in screenwriting.

Thank you for joining us in this workshop on AI and screenwriting. We hope you found it informative and inspiring. Happy writing!