Hey, screenwriters and script enthusiasts! Ever wonder how you can turn around a fantastic six-episode series over a weekend? Bob Schultz has cracked the code, and the secret ingredient is AI, specifically ChatGPT. With the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Hollywood always on the lookout for quick, yet quality content, AI is becoming a game-changer in scriptwriting. Here’s what Schultz had to say.

Speed is the New Competitive Edge
In today’s fast-paced industry, being excellent is not enough; you need to be excellent and fast. Schultz showcased an eye-opening case study, where he took a skeletal idea from a producer on a Saturday and—voila!—by Monday, a polished six-episode series was in the producer’s inbox.
“If you can develop content this quickly without ChatGPT, then this isn’t for you. But if you can’t, understand that many in the industry are doing exactly this, myself included,” Schultz advised. This rapid turnaround is especially relevant for aspiring screenwriters looking to make an impression in a saturated market.

AI: A Threat or an Ally?
Ah, the age-old debate. Will robots overthrow us, or will they serve us pina coladas on the beach? Schultz sides with the latter. According to him, humans pose a greater threat to humanity than AI ever could. “AI is a tool that can be incredibly beneficial, even in sensitive tasks like legal processes,” Schultz notes. With AI platforms like ChatGPT, you can compose letters, emails, and even summarize long ‘legalese’ documents quickly. Time to ditch those misconceptions about AI being a ‘dangerous tool.’

Breaking WGA Rules?
A prevalent question came up during the discussion about AI’s legitimacy in creative competitions. Some contests strictly prohibit the use of AI, stating that submissions must be entirely original work. “Always respect the rules,” Schultz advised. However, he also believes that using AI for preparatory work shouldn’t necessarily disqualify an entry. The emphasis, as he puts it, is on being a writer, with or without AI’s assistance.

Whether you’re working on a WGA project or planning to pitch to a producer, understanding and leveraging AI in your creative process can give you a significant edge. Bob Schultz has proven that ChatGPT and similar platforms can revolutionize the speed and efficiency of screenwriting, without compromising quality.

So, the next time you’re struggling with a script or racing against a deadline, consider how AI can be your co-pilot in the creative journey. And if you’re already using ChatGPT, hats off to you—you’re riding the wave of the future in screenwriting!

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