With Chris Jones and Bob Schultz

When: Wednesday (Nov 22nd) at lunch time (1:00pm).
Where: Online
How Much: FREE

‘This course must be taken to move into where this business is going in the future.’
Mark Arnold, Actor, sometime writer

We all hate writing a bio. And yet it’s essential to have one. And not just one! Now we need a new bio for every single website, project and job. Regularly, we need the ten word bio, the short paragraph bio, the longer paragraph bio and so on.
And it’s SOOOO time consuming.

In this session we will workshop with delegates, showing you how ChatGPT and AI will take your basic information and turn that into the perfect bio for each situation. You will learn the processes and prompts we use to nail it in minutes.

What will you need?

A bullet point list of things like main career high points, things you are good at, what you like, where you are from etc. It can be rough and simply a list.

And we will do the same with social media headshots too, using MidJourney and other AI tools. So have a rummage around for a headshot you like and we can have fun making it something ‘right’ for the right situation.